Okay, so a lot of people have wanted to date Gerardo lately, and there's so many awesome nominations I can't choose which one would work better.

First we have December. I always wanted a hippie-emo couple, it'd be funny and sweet. But at the same time it reminds of this couple in a "novela" my mom sees. It's called "Amores Verdaderos" and these rich chicks have some sort of body guards that protect their house from getting robbed, which they soon fall in love with them, and vice versa. There's this really annoying and mean bitch (who ironically is also named Nicole -.-) who's bulemic, she treats her body guards so badly, who's super sweet and hot. I keep saying he deserves better, and it pisses me off that I know he wont ;_; And thinking it over, it sorta reminds me of December and Gerardo, but at the same time,DecemberXGerardo is so cute..:c

Then there's Lulu's Whitney, who's like Ally from Austin and Ally, except that she's dyslexic. I really like Ally and Austin together, and Gerardo and Whitney sorta remind me of them...except with no Keira x3 Since, well, Gerardo is so happy like Austin and also really likes to sing, and well I already told you about Whitney...

And FINALLY we have Viola, also a hippie like Gerardo and a Skydex supporter. They'd be super cute since Viola would help Gerardo with his lack of eyesight (why else did you think he wears those sunglasses?) and idk...they just, click.

I'm not sure if Ray still owns her, but he wanted Gerardo and Cadence to get together...Cadence is a dumb blonde. But they'd be fun to watch. And cute as well.

So yeah, what do you guys think is better for a hippie? An emo, a dyslexic songwriter or a hippie? Or a dumb blonde if Ray still owns her?