Skyler Marie Rusco Oshama, labeled The Fierce Delinquent is one of Nico's characters.

Skyler TDE
Gender Female
Hair color Black With Highlights
Eye color Purple
Age 21
Nationality Hawaiian
Hometown Honolulu, Hawaii
Family Sisters, Giselle (mother), Tony Hawk (Uncle)
Relationship *insert endless list of guys she's left brokenhearted here*

Currently dating Mikey

Friends Violet, Mallory, Briana, Kayleigh, Hayden, Luke (Frankie), Lauren, Elektra, Malik, Skye (Mocky)
Enemies Tiara, Sienna, Connor
Fear Woodpeckers
Talent Singing, Art, Skateboarding, Manipulation, Flirting
Nicknames Sky, Pookie, Skykie, Skykikins, Purple Freak, Heartwrecker, Skybee, Purple Sally, Skylette
Voice Actor Katie Crown

Credit For Design: CaVi!

About Skyler

Born as the daughter of the mayor of Hawaii, Skyler learned to strongly dislike her mother and things such as the police and rules. Skyler constantly gets herself in trouble and even lands herself in juvenile detention once in a while. However, she always seems to be able to charm her way out of any situation, a trick she learned from her grandmother. So being the charming and troubling making girl that she is, Skyler has gotten herself into many troubles in her relationships. She manipulates her boy toys and gets them to do whatever she wants. She's fierce, energetic, fiesty, and incredibly irresistable; a too perfect girlfriend, only to wreck the guy's heart! Though she's all about freedom, she's willing to loose some by auditioning to Total Drama; anything to get her some money so she can not depend on her mother anymore.  

Ways To Describe Her

  1. Fierce
  2. Delinquent
  3. Skateboarder
  4. Rebellious
  5. Boastful
  6. Tomboy
  7. Romantic
  8. Charming
  9. Regretful
  10. Fun

People That Have Owned Her

  • Nico



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"And the troublemaker strikes again." --Dex

"I'm all about taking chances." --Skyler

"Sweetie, the adults are talking." --Dex


  • She has a long rivalry with the cafeteria lady from her school.
  • She finds art as a great way to express herself
  • She loves the beach
  • She is the best drawer in my ocs
  • Most of her bio was written by Lulu
  • She plays soccer, but hardly ever makes it to the practices for her laziness. This causes a conflict between her and her coach.