All the interactions between the Nico characters.

Character Friends Enemies Relationship



Dex, Briana, Mikey, Nicky Tiara, Skye A.T.
A.T. A.T. Briana, Kayleigh, Dex, Alexis (Zoey), Sarah Tiara, Devon, Connor Aaron
Briana Briana Skyler, Kayleigh, Aaron, Dex, A.T., Paola, Mallory, Ronnie Tiara, Devon Jacob (attraction)
Connor Connor Dex, Kayleigh, Mikey (one sided on Mikey's side) Skyler, Tiara, Devon, A.T., Topher

Jace (attraction)

December December Dex, Tiara, Kayleigh, Skyler, Gerardo (one sided on his side), Sabrina Everyone else (one sided on her side) Johnny (attraction one sided on his side, possibly on both sides)
Dex Dex Almost everyone Devon, Tiara (one sided on his side), Avery (one sided on her side) Skyler 
Harper Harper Tiara Almost Everyone Alec
Jason Jason Dex, Skyler, Connor No One Madison (attraction)
Kayleigh Kayleigh Riley, Dex, Briana, Skyler, Connor, December (on her side),  Tiara Davis (posible attraction), Simon (possible attraction), Trevor (one sided on her side, possibly on both sides)
Nico Nico Kaylee, Sophia, Dex, Aaron, Connor None James (possible attraction)
Ruben Ruben No One Everyone Riley (attraction)
Skyler Skyler Violet, Briana, Kayleigh, Luke, Clarissa, Linda, Her skateboarding crew, Mallory, Ronnie, CJ Tiara, Avery,  Connor Dex 
Sophia Sophia Selena, Connor, Bennett, Demi (possibly), December (one sided on her side) None Kurt (attraction one sided on his side, possibly on both sides)
Tiara Tiara Daniella, Kayla, Colt Everyone else Thomas
Topher Topher Mikey, Skyler, Demi Connor 

A lot of crushes

Demi (attraction, ain crush of the moment)

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