This character was nominated for Best Original Male Character at the 2013 TOscars!

Dexter "Dex" Ebony Azucatu Michaels, labeled The Party Rocker, is one of Nico's characters.

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Teal
Born Cairo, Egypt
Age 21
Nationality American, Egyptian
Hometown Cairo, Egypt, then Phoenix, Arizona
Family Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Grandmother (dead), Gabriella (sister), Pets
Relationship None...besides a 'Will they won't they' relationship with Skyler
Friends Aaron, Connor, Kayleigh, Cecily, Malik, Mikey, Marlee, Skyler (sometimes)
Enemies far
Fear Being buried alive, Love
Talent Singing, Dancing, Martial Arts, Throwing parties
Nicknames Dex, Dexie, Sexy Dexie, Kitty Kat

Credit For Design - Malik!

About Dex

Dex lives everything like a party; wild, loud, and fun!! Dex is very emotional, usually very happy and random, but can easily turn fierce and furious once his temper is ticked. Been unfair to him, rude to him, or have tried to hold him down? Better watch out! Dex was taught by his father to never let anyone step over him, and by his mother to be as optimistic as possible. Sounds like a perfect match until it's shown how reckless, impulsive, and unfocused Dex can be. But that can't ruin his chances too much at Total Drama; he just wants to participate to have fun, and then win to get even more glamorous fun!! Dex is willing to be too likable for anyone to want to leave, but the minute he meets someone he cannot like, things will get hard for him to keep his mouth shut.

Ten Ways To Describe Him

  1. Party Rocker
  2. Afraid of Commitment
  3. Generous
  4. Reliable
  5. Shy
  6. Sensitive
  7. Kindhearted
  8. Stubborn
  9. Hyperactive
  10. Crazy

People That Have Owned Him

  • Nico


Relationships With Friendships With Conflicts With


Tiara Connor


Dex: *At a club, on his hands and knees, tearing into one of the pizzas, shaking his head around with a pizza slice in his mouth, until he notices the camera, but with the pizza slice still in his mouth, unable for us to understand what he is saying* OH HI THERE! *spits the pizza off his mouth* So I'd like to be on your show because i LOVE meeting new people! And partying! And eating pizza! and PARTYING! and dancing! And partying! So pick me for your show and with the money I can throw THE SICKEST PARTY EVER! A-And with a bunch of awesome music and PIZZA! *puts the pizza slice back into his mouth and keep shaking his head*

Online Profile

What’s your best quality?

My ability in dancing!

Faves? (Music, colour, movie, food)

  • Anything I can dance too! As long as it's not about love...
  • Red and Black!
  • PIZZA!

Describe your craziest dream.

Once I had a dream I was on a date with the president's daughter (gross!) and then she dumped me! (what a witch!) But I didn't care because I got a chance to do the CHOCOLATE SLIDE! EEEE!

Best memory from childhood?

Most embarrassing moment at school?

Describe the first job you ever had.

Ten years from now, what are you doing?

I still can't decide between Wedding Crasher or Prom Destroyer. Hmmmmmmm.

My dream date would be with ___________, doing what?

It’s the last day on earth. In one sentence, what would you do?



"Dirty dogs (Malik) and Angels (Dex) don't go together" -- Mikey

"What if they made cupcakes with champagne on them? That way, you could get drunk AND get a sugar rush at the same time." --Dex


"When there's love involved, nothing good ever happens!" --Dex

"Love is many things, especially gross." --Dex



  • Mikey has really gotten Dex into sports. Dex plays hockey, basketball and runs track.
  • He has a very strong stomach and can eat pretty much anything that can fit in into his mouth.
  • He hates getting his hair messed up, since it takes him 9 hours in the morning.
  • There's a club called "Shake It Town" that Dex normally goes to, and he is basically the leader of the place.
    • He has a very long rivarly with a certain DJ from the club
  • He speaks Camel.
  • He can be very childish and love certain childish things like ball pits and water beds.
  • He is proven to be very superstitious, hence his so proclaimed "lucky wristband"
  • He's based off the following people
    • Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
    • Knuckles The Echidna (Sonic X)
  • He's the worst drawer and cook of all my ocs x3
    • However, it has been rumored that he learns to cook better in the future
  • He's very overprotective with his best friends and will go insane if anyone messes with them.
  • He used to wear braces, but lost his retainer after they being taken off.
  • His birthday is on October 13th
    • His zodiac sign is Libra ♎
  • Dex is 5 feet and 9 inches tall (5'9")