This character was nominated for Best Original Female Character at the 2013 TOscars!

December Olyvia Augustine, labeled  The Emo Without A Cause, is one of Nico's competition characters.

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Age 1000 (so she claims)
Nationality French, American
Hometown Paris, France
Family Mother, Father
Relationship None
Friends Supposedly None
Enemies Supposedly Everyone
Fear Happiness
Talent Being Sad, Being Depressed
Nicknames TBA
Voice Actor TBA

Credit For Design: Demi!

About December

December has everything you could ever ask for: riches, a famous father, and a mother who loves her and lets her daughter do whatever she wants. However, despite this, December is a very miserable child, a complete emo who always sees the dark sides in life, never to have anything that she can find likeable, and is simply a pessimistic girl.

December didn't want to sign up to Total Drama. Her parents secretly signed her up, in hope that she would make some friends.

Ten Ways To Descibe Her

  1. Pessimistic
  2. Emo
  3. Unthankful
  4. Sadistic
  5. Beautiful
  6. Loner
  7. Vampire-Loving
  8. Scary Movie Freak
  9. Weird
  10. Creepy

People That Have Owned Her

  • Nico

Thoughts on The Other Nico OCs

"There is no love in my black, minuscule heart, nor in my soul, and I cannot feel nothing but hate towards the others. I hate them. All of them."

Audition Tape

Online Profile

Old Design


"Hello, my name is December. And yes, my soul is as cold as my name." --December

"This place looks miserable like my soul" --December


  • She has a tendency to break the fourth wall.
  • Her birthday is on December (NO SHIT) 5th
    • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius ♐