• Gary the Gaget Dude

    Hey, guys. Like video games and let's play?

    Have a YouTube account?

    Then please subscribe to my YouTube account, TheDragoniteGamer.


    My dream is to become a famous let's player and possibly co-com with my favorite let's players and idols, such as YoshiToMario, ZeldaMaster2010, TheJethrotex, PokeCinema, MunchingOrange, and more.

    If you do subscribe, which I hope you do, tell your friends! I will thank all of you someday.

    Admins, if you want this deleted, then delete it.


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  • NicoTDaddicted

    Okay, so a lot of people have wanted to date Gerardo lately, and there's so many awesome nominations I can't choose which one would work better.

    First we have December. I always wanted a hippie-emo couple, it'd be funny and sweet. But at the same time it reminds of this couple in a "novela" my mom sees. It's called "Amores Verdaderos" and these rich chicks have some sort of body guards that protect their house from getting robbed, which they soon fall in love with them, and vice versa. There's this really annoying and mean bitch (who ironically is also named Nicole -.-) who's bulemic, she treats her body guards so badly, who's super sweet and hot. I keep saying he deserves better, and it pisses me off that I know he wont ;_; And thinking it…

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  • NicoTDaddicted


    February 25, 2013 by NicoTDaddicted

    I have a question for you all

    Who's your favorite character of mine and why?

    You can only pick ONE

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  • NicoTDaddicted

    IKR! :D

    Anyways, you guys know Sam right? Well, not other than the fact that he has the name of a canon TD character, but I don't like his name much...I wanna change it, but idk to what. Any ideas?

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  • Gary the Gaget Dude

    Hayden: Hey everyone! Welcome to my tell all blog, where I dish the dirt on my fellow OC's.

    • A secret crush on Aerin, Emma, AND Victoria? SOMEBODY is in trouble!

    • Likes the Let's Player RedPandaGamer. WHAT DOES STEVIE SEE IN YOU, BOI?

    • She wants to kill Bria because she likes Sam, and Sam likes her. Awks..

    • Nothing really, except he has sex with Carmin a lot.

    • She likes Topher ;3

    And that's all for this week!

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